December 19, 2013

A Christmas Blessing

The blessing in all of this might very well be that I wasn't entirely sure that there was a such thing as a "blessing". Nonetheless, I find myself counting them and certainly being grateful... at least until I find an alternative word. A war that wages on in my head, daily. In summation of this tumultuous, momentous, accomplished, inspiring, and sometimes heartbreaking year that I've experienced... LIFE IS STILL GOOD!
Today, I was offered a position that I believe I am perfectly suited for and I ACCEPTED IT with the thrill of little children on Christmas Day! I've squeaked, squealed, screamed, laughed and cried with joy and excitement today, but I think I'm still in shock and have not entirely absorbed the day's and subsequent year's events. Give me time... I'm sure the nomenclature that captures my emotions at this very moment will not elude me for long. I'm going into the NEW YEAR, happy, hopeful, purposeful, self-assured, and a little bit excited about things to come. I'm looking back over a year of enormous personal growth and some peace with love, loss and everything in between kind of wondering how I got so lucky?  Marveling over the power of people and things in our lives to fall into place exactly when they are supposed to in exactly the way they are supposed to?

One thing is for sure... I'm so darn SHOCKED that I managed to make and get my Christmas cards out on time this year! Yay ME! I'm not going to obsess about crooked cuts, ink smudges, heat embossus interruptus (I HATE THAT!), or embellishment overload! Enjoy and BE MERRY!







Thanks for stopping by... and ENJOY!

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  1. Unbelievable stack of Christmas wonder! I can't believe you made so many different Christmas cards, mailed them out, AND landed the great new job. I LOVE my card, btw :).


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